“From the offer through the closing, Karen was very responsive and kept me well informed. She had an excellent rapport with the other parties, making my overall experience very easy. Thank you!”

John O., Saratoga Springs


“Karen D’Andrea was recommended to me by a friend and I am so thankful she agreed to help me finalize my divorce. Karen provided thoughtful, thorough, and most importantly, practical legal advice about the divorce process. She was kind and responsive during all of our communications and I appreciate the swiftness with which she took care of the matter. I very much enjoyed working with Karen and would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of them.”

Natalie W., Ballston Spa


“Karen D’Andrea provided exceptional legal services during the entire process of my real estate transaction. Karen was extremely prompt, efficient and friendly throughout, ensuring that everything was completed in a professional manner. Any and all concerns or questions we’re quickly and competently addressed, providing piece of mind.”

Zack M., Saratoga Springs


“I recently purchased a home to give my daughters and me a new start as we journey through a divorce. While I had a mortgage on another house and experience refinancing, this time around was different. I had a number of questions for my particular situation and, honestly, was feeling overwhelmed by other big decisions weighing on my mind at the time. I remember feeling very relieved after one of my early conversations with Karen. She said something to the effect of, “just leave it to me – that’s what I do.” She was proactive in giving me direction on each step in the mortgage process, readily available if I had a question or concern, timely with everything, and very personable. Above all, she made me feel confident in her skills. In fact, I should note that I never met Karen face-to-face until the actual closing, which was not because she didn’t make in-person meetings an option. Rather, I disclose this detail because I think it says a great deal about the confidence I had in Karen. She made me feel that I was in good hands and that there was never anything to worry about, making the need for an in-person meeting something that never crossed my mind, especially with my hectic schedule. Karen came highly recommended from someone who I have a great deal of respect for, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to a family member or friend.”

Jennifer S., Saratoga Springs


“I used Karen recently as my lawyer for a home sale on my rental property in Ballston Spa. I live out of state, so I really needed someone who I could trust, and she came highly recommended from my realtor. Karen did a wonderful job for me, providing me with constant updates on the close, and managing all of the details that come along with a home closing. She always responded quickly to all of my requests in a very friendly and professional manner, and I would highly recommend her.”

Mike C., New Jersey


“I recently worked with Karen on a very complicated divorce negotiation with my ex wife. We were at complete impasse on every issue. A friend recommended we try mediation with Karen. We both knew her reputation and decided to try and put and end to the senseless court battles. Within one week, Karen had a deal for us. She worked fairly with both of us to bring us the finish line. Thank you so much Karen! I would recommend Karen to anyone who needs a compassionate and hard working attorney to bring resolution to difficult matters.”

D.C., Saratoga Springs


“Karen D’Andrea Esq. has been an invaluable support for getting me through multiple challenging real estate transactions as well as a legal champion for my business; IPT, LLC. My first professional encounter with Karen came from a recommendation from a trusted family member when I was purchasing my home. I had no idea there would be so many details that required the keen insight of an attorney. Through the extended discussions, she clearly had my back and was willing to go the extra mile to ensure my investment was secure. Every step of the way, Karen negotiated with the lenders and real estate agents… ultimately saving me thousands of dollars I otherwise would have paid unknowingly. She made the entire process seamless and stress free.

Karen was so efficient that when I required the professional skills of an attorney for my business, I called on her again for ‘a second opinion’; as I already had a business attorney I had used previously. Karen recommended a completely different approach to a ‘sticky’ legal issue than what had been previously recommended and ultimately saved me time, money and emotional/mental stress. She said, ‘don’t worry about a thing; I will take care of this for you!’ And this is exactly what Karen did; she removed my worries and resolved the problem. Karen is highly intelligent, extremely diligent, organized, thorough and efficient. Everything you need in a lawyer. However, she also is gifted with great authenticity, kindness and compassion; which make her combination of qualifications extraordinary. Karen made me feel like I was family, and gave me a sense of security and trust that is all too rare to find today. My highest recommendations.”

Kimberly D., Saratoga Springs


“Ms. Karen D’Andrea, Esq. was not only my son’s attorney but she was also a friend. She didn’t just take our money and put us an assembly line. She was genuinely concerned in my son’s future and really went out of her way to protect my son’s interest. She spent a great deal of time on our case and was available anytime we needed to talk to her. She fought for us and was able to provide a great outcome. I would highly recommend Ms. Karen D’Andrea Esq. to anyone for their attorney needs.”

Tiffany S., Middle Grove


“Karen recently handled a somewhat complex and challenging real estate closing. While intense negotiations and considerable ugliness went on in the background, Karen found the right balance for us. She provided us with adequate details to be informed, but wisely buffered us from the day to day minutiae that would have undermined our resolve to close, as well as our comfort with the process.

To every challenge, she was quick to respond, yet precise and detailed in her reasoning. In the end, all the emotions were calmed by her guidance and sound judgment of the most practical, yet fair-minded path for all involved.

She was kind when she needed to be, and yet remarkably able to summon firm and decisive action when confronted. While aspects of the seller’s behavior was difficult to understand, Karen took every action seriously… but did not give it personal meaning. This dramatically reduced the emotional drama of the process.

In my view, her ability to keep focused on the ultimate goal (i.e., closing the deal) while protecting our rights and our wishes, is a legal talent that is worthy of note. I am confident in her skills and her capacity to handle a wide array of real estate transactions, from the easiest to the most challenging. Her competency is not only exceptional, but her consistent attention to every detail was both impressive and reassuring. In sum, this means you will be able to sleep well at night, while trusting that you are in good legal hands!”

R. Cale, Clifton Park


“Karen is the kind of lawyer that when dealing with her, you forget that she’s a lawyer. It’s like getting legal advice from a trusted friend, a really smart trusted friend.”

T.C., Gansevoort


“I hired Karen to help me with a pretty serious legal situation. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to come to a favorable resolution. I’ll never use anyone else.”

S.H., Saratoga


“I’ve needed Karen’s help a couple of times. She was amazing. She’s not judgmental and I didn’t go broke with legal fees. She was very fair and everything turned out great.”

K.C., Wilton


“You’ve been both kind and professional.”

MM, Loudonville


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